Pascal's triangle

The most basic game that produces Pascal-like triangle.

    This is the most basic game that produces Pascal-like triangle. The rule is as the following.

    There are p players, and each player takes turns and take out a card. If a player takes out a

    red card, then he is the loser and the game ends.

  The movies shows the game of four players taking out a card each time.

 First, Player 1 takes out a white card, then Player 2, Player 3, Player 4 does the same. This is the first cycle.

  Then, in the second cycle Player 1 takes a white card, Player 2 does the same. Then Player 3 takes out a red card, and

  he is the loser.


  Next, we present a Pascal-like triangle produced by this game.

 Here we suppose that there are n cards, and m red cars among the cards. In other words, there are n-m white cards. 

  Let F(n,m) be Player 1's losing the game, and arrange F(n,m) as a triangle in the following.



      This is a triangle made by F(n,m)


      We are going to explain about the property of the triangle.  In the following figure, F(6,2)=6/15, F(6,3)=10/20 and

      F(7,3)=16/35. If you look at denominators, then 35=15+20. If you look at the numerators, 16=6+10.  The same kind of

      thing happen for any part of this triangle. Therefore this is a Pascal-like triangle of fractions! This fact was published at

      Mathematical Gazette of England by our club.



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