Pascal's triangle

Closing Remarks

How do you like our presentation of Pascal's triangle and our research on games that produce Pascal-like triangles? It is fun to study Pascal's triangle, but it is a lot more interesting to do research on these games. We presented our research to inform you of the fact that the research of mathematics is possible for ordinally high school students like us. We are students who have to read standard high school texts carefully to understand them. These days, many people talk about "active learning", and in mathematics "active learning" is the research. If you begin to do research on this topic, we will be very happy.

Here we present our paper on the research of Pascal-like triangles.

Our research:PDF Format

High School Mathematics Research

Lastly, we present our method of research on mathematics. Our club has more than 20 years' history of mathematics reseaerch, and we have published more than 20 refereed papers, and have talked at 9 international conferences. If you are interested in mathematics research, please begin the research and contact us.

Tutorials for math research

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